What to do with 2.5 hours? PWC quick trip

Never enough time after work for a far ride so with the weather looking real nice decided to take a quick trip to Point Lookout from the Connetquot River. Left the river and headed into Nicoll Bay and decided to shoot across the Great South Bay toward Captree Island and ride the shallow water along the Fire Island/Captree side. High tide so no worries about low water all the way to Point Lookout. The water was warm and flat and the evening was perfect temperature wise. Under the Robert Moses Bridge, past Babylon Cut and Lindenhurst Cut. Not many people out. Just pass the Amityville Channel and South Oyster Bay there is a great channel that I call Sam’s cut (an old salt friend of mine introduced me to it years ago on my boat) which takes you right to the second bridge on Wantagh Parkway. From there I rode the channel past the Jones Beach fishing piers and went past Jones inlet to Teds for fuel. I was planning on taking the Ocean back to Fire Island Inlet but after going out and jumping some waves (weren’t many and not big) I decided that a leisurely ride back while smoking a cigar would be the better option on such a nice night. I took the channel under the Loop Parkway east to the back channels near Freeport, Wantagh, Massapequa, and Seaford into East Bay and back to the second Bridge at Wantagh Parkway. Cruised back to Robert Moses Bridge where I shut the engine down and just sat for awhile. Over to the Long Island side and a slow cruise past Gardiners Park, Bay Shore and Hecksher Park. I was back on land by 7:30. Approx. 16 gallons of fuel and approx 100 miles. A perfect ride when you just want to get out and take it easy after work.

Latest impressions on the Sea-Doo RXT-X 260: Still think the Kawasaki handles the chop better, but the Sea-Doo is more comfortable if you sit as the seat is more plush. In my opinion the throttle response is still better on the Kawasaki. I think it is because there is no cable on the Doo and it just feels weird. This might be me needing to get used to it more but after 16 hours I think it is just because it is electronic. The adjustable handlebars are a waste as they don’t stay where you put them, no matter how tight I make them. The graphics and style of the Sea-Doo is real impressive. The reverse and Neural on the Doo are awesome when you get used to it. The lack of a trip odometer and trip hour meter is a major oversight on their part. The closed loop system is real peace of mind. I like the handling of the Doo as well. As I’ve said in the past, as long as it’s reliable I am happy. In the shop today for the 10 hour service as the light came on this weekend. I have 16 hours on the Doo now and no issues to speak of and so far, and even with my minor complaints I am happy with the purchase.